Rainesh Pillay

Rainesh Pillay


Rainesh’s consulting and advisory career spans over 20 years in both public and private sectors. Rainesh is an experienced Public Sector Strategist with a demonstrated history of expertise in Project Management, Asset Management, Performance Management, Financial Management, Business engineering and Public Sector consulting.

He has lead projects at a municipal level up to a National Departmental level and small owner managed business to multi-national companies. Rainesh thrives on challenges and utilises innovation in dealing with corporate dynamics and complexities.

Working at small to large public sector and private sector entities, has provided him with the experience and skills to utilise best practice across all types and sizes of entities.

He has a proven ability to work under pressure, communicate effectively with clients and process large volumes of data in order to provide clear analysis, gain and provide insight and then respond with efficient and effective solutions. He is a result driven and engaging leader that identifies practical solutions to address his clients’ complex concerns.

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